Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh Nancy - The History

The Heavens Chorus
She was proud, perfect then…
It should be said that radiance is here. A queen adrift in massacre.
She hunts. 
Tides lie and steal. 
Tides lie and moan.

Time has fallen. 
With desire comes pain and weightlessness.
Every dark possibility and indulgence being born again and again.
Strangled valleys swelling with water,
 The shattering pitch tuned to a harmony
 And the final chime of loneliness.
What is their abuse but guidance?
Another moment of defeat. Of bliss

Of the world’s designs recollected in a tomb.
New inscriptions emerge to ruin.
Released to the descendants slain
Find the lives remain inhuman
And build a desert grain by grain
The dethroned then awake
In dim kingdoms fouling
Do their bodies shudder and quake
 Forfeited to twilight?

Withdrawn victories, command and law
Spiraling lust and decades dawned
 Prince and princess rehearse games

Rook and bishop
Knight and pawn.

A lion roaring licking wounded
Sweet nature does not explain
To ousted kings a warning
That she and he united bring.

He shudders again.
And on the desert aforementioned
Death suspends its loud ascension
Birthing being unto itself
Oozing fluid out eye and mouth.

Urgent breath.
Urgent heave
A gift unto the world received

Undoing life for deathly gains

The unknowing mother reads
 In cryptic and suspicious ways
Passages in bloody script.

Why the hollering young?
To debt the human deed?

Abandoned to abandoned beach
What is made by sight and speech, 
By God, then beast and man
Venerated the warring won?

Children wrestle burdens deep
 On the bleak abandoned beach.

Elsewhere, a mind beats with the newborn’s heart.
 The appearances of past and what is yet to come rise like some harmless decoration.

Only for a moment.

The lovers-power and deletion-braided a poisoned courtship.  

A tribute to the failure of everything ancient

That has lived and prevailed in some form always

So we have seen.


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