Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weird Food/Art write up!

Fionn McCabe and Keppie Coutts were mentioned in an article on edible artwork.
There has been a good deal of press about "Home Coming Stories" at Gallery Diet, but this one is the dumbest.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Oh Nancy show in NYC!

This installment of Oh Nancy will be comprised of three main
components; bands, a guitar battle, and a football team. Here is
the breakdown so far:

1. The type of bands we have been kicking around thus far are
Mahi Mahi and The Toothaches, both of whom are great live.
There will also be other acts involved. If you know of any
amazing acts or bands that would want in on a show like this
please let us know.

2. The guitar battle will take place toward the end of the night
as this is the featured event. The battle will be between Bill Oolie
(the Corn Teams star quarterback) and the Grim Reaper. Both
musicians will perform in costume. While they will start out
solo, as the battle progresses the band will come in and fill out
the sound. Smoke machines will go off, lights will flash and
humble Bill Oolie and death himself will leap about the stage.

3. The other main element of the show is the football team’s
performance. This will happen periodically throughout the
night and serve as the glue that holds this event together.
These performances may be scripted or improvised but should
reinforce some sort of narrative. This could be the lead up to
the battle between Oolie and the Grim Reaper or it could be
something else entirely. We have a football team, so lets do
something amazing with them.

That's the crux of it.
We have a few venues in mind all of which have about a 100
head capacity. The show, which is being co-produced by
artist/performer Natalie LaChall, is tentatively planned for mid
to late September. We plan to make this a mind blowing spectacle.
We will advertise the hell out of it with press releases, flyers,
performances, stickers, sky writing, anything and everything.

Get a hold of us if you are interested in participating!